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Startup instructions and after-sales service

1、 Preparation for startup:

● Please connect the power supply: AC380V 50-60Hz ● Please use industrial safety electricity; Please connect a dry and filtered air source and ensure stable air pressure; Please confirm the standby status of the mechanical equipment, such as the correctness of safety or detection devices such as closing safety doors and sealing knives;

2、 Starting sequence:

1) Turn on the power switch and the power indicator light is on at the same time; 2) Turn on the horizontal sealing heating switch, and at the same time, the horizontal sealing temperature controller starts working; 3) Turn on the longitudinal sealing heating switch, and at the same time, the longitudinal sealing temperature controller starts working; 4) Set the temperature values of the horizontal and vertical sealing temperature controllers; 5) Set the values of sealing and cutting time, pre feeding allowance time, and post discharge allowance time; 6) Select the material detection method switch, where X represents vertical photoelectric detection or Y represents horizontal photoelectric detection.

3、 Manual operation:

1) After completing the above steps, enter the manual operation interface; 2) In manual operation mode, the material detection and sealing time, the remaining time before feeding, and the remaining time after discharging do not have any control effect; 3) Press the manual film feeding button (lightly touch the touch screen button) to rotate the discharge belt and film pulling chain belt; Release the button to stop. Capable of film installation and debugging; 4) Press the manual sealing button (lightly touch the touch screen button), close the joint back, and the sealing knife will cut down; Release the button to seal the knife back and move forward tightly.

4、 Automatic operation:

1) Note that before selecting automatic operation, it is preferred to set the material detection method and sealing time, the remaining time before feeding, and the remaining time after discharging; 2) Enter the automatic control interface and press [Auto] to perform automatic operation; Automatic operation process: Press [Auto] on the automatic operation interface, and the equipment will start automatic operation. The feeding belt will start running. Place the material on the feeding belt and transport it forward. After the material detection switch detects the material, the discharge belt rotates and the remaining time after discharge is timed. After discharging, the remaining time is up and the material belt is pulled out to stop; The horizontal sealing knife is working, and the sealing knife is working. At the same time, the sealing time starts counting. The sealing time is up, the sealing knife rises, and one working cycle is completed.

5、 Alarm or exception handling:

1) When the material is sealed or cut, or when the sealing knife descends, the vertical photoelectric detection detects that there is material under the sealing knife, and the alarm indicator light is constantly on; At the same time, the machine stops running and displays fault information on the fault display interface. 2) If there is an abnormality during the operation of the machine, please immediately press the emergency stop button and the alarm indicator light will light up; At the same time, the machine stops running. And display fault information on the fault display interface. 3) When the machine is in automatic operation, the film harvesting motor continues to run continuously and the alarm indicator light remains on for three cycles of sealing and cutting completion; At the same time, the machine stops running. It may be that the film is disconnected or there is a problem with the film closing proximity switch. 4) When the above problems occur, please do not immediately press the alarm reset button. First, open the fault alarm interface, view the fault information, troubleshoot and handle abnormal faults, and then press the alarm reset button. If the emergency stop button is pressed, the emergency stop button should also be restored.

Explanation of safety devices and operating precautions

1) This machine has comprehensive safety protection devices to prevent accidents from happening. If an object stops below the sealing part during operation, the sealing knife will automatically return to the top. (For safety reasons, the belt conveyor does not stop the circuit) After repair, as long as the manual control switch is pressed again, it can be restarted. 2) Do not reach under the sealing knife during operation. 3) Please confirm if the power wiring is correct. If it is still correct, face the operating panel and the conveyor belt should be running from right to left. (If it is reversed, the raw material cannot be rolled out) 4) When there is a problem, please turn off the power switch before repairing. After repair, seal with a manual switch first, and then turn on the working switch.

Explanation of safety devices and operating precautions

1、 In order for the machine to maintain a fully sealed state for a long time, please follow the following precautions: 1) After the operation is completed, please use a soft cloth and carefully clean the seal. Clean before the temperature of the sealing knife drops. Cleaning the sealing knife below 70 degrees may damage the Teflon that has been restored to the sealing knife. 2) After cleaning, please dip a soft cloth with some cleaning cream and gently seal the mouth and apply it comprehensively. 3) If the sealing knife cannot be completely sealed due to wear and tear, it needs to be replaced. 4) Air pressure relationship. 2、 Wastewater discharge: 1) The accumulated water needs to be discharged before reaching the metal baffle. 2) After the drainage piston at the bottom of the bottle is turned open, the water is discharged. Pressing from below may prevent the piston from returning to its original position. When the piston cannot return, please remove the bottom of the bottle and press the piston down from top to bottom. 3、 Pressure regulation: 1) Rotate the adjustment button to the right, and the secondary pressure will increase. 2) After setting the pressure, please secure the fixing lock above the regulator button. 3) During the use of the machine, in addition to the above maintenance, it is also necessary to regularly clean the machine and inspect moving parts. If there are abnormal noises, damages, etc., the machine should be immediately stopped and repaired by professional personnel.

Equipment subsequent maintenance instructions

After sales commitment: The entire machine is guaranteed for one year (equipment consumables are no longer within the scope). Free warranty items during the warranty period: faults caused by quality issues of equipment parts themselves and quality issues during our company's manufacturing and assembly process. The warranty period starts from the date of the product leaving the factory. As long as the warranty conditions are met during the warranty period, repair services can be enjoyed, but the following situations are not covered by the warranty: A. caused by error or improper use; B. Artificial damage; C. Repaired by others; D. Consumables; Products that exceed the warranty period will be borne by the user for parts fees, maintenance service fees, round-trip transportation fees, and other expenses, as detailed in the "Maintenance Fee Standards".

The second party can only enjoy reasonable paid services for products in one of the following situations:

1) Damage caused by failure to use, maintain, or store the product in accordance with the requirements of the user manual. 2) Damage caused by disassembly by other repairers. 3) Damage caused by force majeure factors. 4) Technical support and services a. You can log in to our company website at any time http://www.goodpacking.com.cnb. You made a phone call to inquire. You will receive our after-sales technical support. Tel: 021-52265219 15316201985 (General Manager Zhao)