Servo Type Automatic Straight Feeding Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel
GH-6030AZS+SF-6040E Fully automatic Straight Feeding Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel adopts a unique linear design with a compact structure and a small footprint. It is very convenient for some products with limited space and no need to adjust the forward direction during the packaging process, and will not be limited by the length of the package.
  • GH-6030AZS+SF-6040E Fully-auto High Speed Sleeve Sealer & Shrink Tunnel adopts the unique linear design and compact structure. It is very suitable for some limited space and don’t need to adjust the forward direction during packing process. What’s more, there is no length limits;

  • Servo motor action performs stable, reliable, continuous packaging process in high speed running, smooth transport without product move and stop.

  • It can work independently and also can connect with the production line to realize the unmanned assembly line with the function of auto feeding, film wrapping, sealing, shrinking, cooling and stereotypes.

  • The foreign advanced technology and production process make sure the stable performance.

  • Adopting advanced “PLC” programmable controller and servo drive system makes it achieve the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic integration. Mechanical sealer without air use;

  • Low Film Alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary;

  • Automatic alarming function when the safety door is opening up;

  • After a special modification, the light and small products can also be packed(optional);

  • It has advantages of high speed and connection compared with the common 90 degree side feeding sleeve wrapper.

  • The sealing line is solid without cracking by cutting and anti-sticking by using special blade.

  • Two groups of imported level photoelectric devices are used to accurate positioning;

  • The imported conveyor belt is durable and the conveyor speed is controlled by frequency inverter.

  • The user-friendly control box makes the operator’s operation much easier;

  • The pressure device equipped behind the sealing makes sure the position is stable even for the light product during the procession.

  • SF-6040E shrink tunnel adopts the imported double recycling motor; so that the hot air in the tunnel is even to have more beautiful shrink effect.

  • The outside security cover can be installed according to the customer requirement.

  • The chain conveyor made of solid steel covered with imported silicone tube is very durable. Besides the chain conveyor, we also have different conveyors according the products shape and material.

  • The frequency inverter controls the speed of the conveyor.

  • The separate control box makes sure the electrical components have good ventilation.

  • This machine is mainly applied to the longer products, such as cartons or paper trays which contain drink, beer, water, can or glass bottles collection or single shrink wrapping.

Model       GH-6030AZSSF-6040E
Power SupplyAC220V 1/3 PH 50/60HzAC220/380V 3PH 50/60Hz
Max. Packing Size L×W×HL(unlimited)×500×300mmW500×H350mm
Tunnel Size L×W×H/1800×600×400mm
Blade Length670mm/
Air Temperature0-300℃0-300℃
Table Height820±50mm820±50mm
Packing Speed25m/min.0-25m/min
External Air Source6-8kg/cm2/
Shrink FilmPEPE
Machine Size L×W×H1850×1200×1770mm2800×950×1750mm
Crate Size L×W×H1900×1250×1920mm2850×1000×1900mm
G./N. Weight420/380kgs625/565kgs

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