Small Vertical Type L Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
GH-450LV+SF-5030LG fully automatic self-developed unmanned operating L-bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel widely used in the flow operation of mass production and packaging. It can automatically feed, transport, seal and shrink at one time. It has high work efficiency and is especially suitable for larger-sized products. It also has one model with tongue conveyor GH-450LVC+SF-5030LG
  • GH-450LV is an auto unmanned Vertical Type L Bar Sealer developed by our own company, which is widely used in the packaging assembly line of mass production. It can also automatically feed, transport, seal and shrink one-time completed with high efficiency, especially for large products.

  • The sealing part is made by up and down vertical driving. Sealing blade uses the curve cooper material integrated knife with USA DuPont Teflon coating, so that it can ensure a better sealing effect, longer using life and easier replacement; The sealing blade is also equipped with automatic anti-cut protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting;

  • The machine is equipped with organic glass shield with automatic opening alarm function which greatly improves safety; meanwhile it equipped with auto alarming function when the film roll is used out;

  • The advantages of this machine compared with common side sealer and traditional L sealer, the sealing line is in the middle and conveyor speed can be adjusted. What’s more, the vertical sealing technology can greatly reduce the crease and overlapping at the product’s four corners to achieve a perfect sealing effect;

  • It adopts the advanced Siemens PLC controller, which equipped with safety protection and alarm functions. The sealing system can give the continuous and smooth sealing order without replacement. The maintenance and the operation are very simple;

  • The sensors and time relay can make a precise measurement of the film length;

  • The two groups of sensors are on the horizontal and vertical directions which can make sure the thin or small goods can be sealed easily;

  • Individual motor is used to control the auto waste film winder, which make the waste film is not too loose or too tight to crack. The waste film can be easily removed and equipped with auto alarming function when the waste is full;

  • The sealing blade is lifted according with the height of the packaging products by the motor driving;

  • SF-5030LG adopts advance bottom circulation air technology, full use of heat to arise energy efficiency. Adjustable blowing direction and volume from bottom side to get a uniform shrinking appearance on the top and bottom of product.

  • Visible window shows shrink process inside tunnel, the top of tunnel can be opened for easy clear and maintenance;

  • The heating elements are stainless steel which has a long life span and high energy efficiency;

  • The use of French Schneider inverter controls transmission speed which has the function of infinitive speed;

  • Imported insulation curtain greatly reduces the heat loss;

  • The shrink temperature, conveyor speed and air volume are adjustable;

  • The conveyor uses new types of rollers covered with durable imported fiber tubes which have the functions of anti-high temperature, wear resistance, non-film damage, non-deforming and long terms using;

Model                GH-450LVSF-5030LG
Power   SupplyAC 220V 1PH 50HzAC 380V 3PH 50Hz
Tunnel Chamber Size LxWxH/2000x500x300
Max Packing Size L×W×HL+1.5H<430mm,W+H<330mm; H<100mmW400×H200mm
Efficient Sealing SizeL450×W350mm/
Packing Speed20-30m/min.0~25m/min.
External Air Source6-8kg/cm2/.
Shrink FilmPOFPOF
Machine Size L×W×H1460×1230×1280mm2400×985×1265mm
Crate Size L×W×H1510×1280×1430mm2360×1010×1440mm
G./N. Weight870/820kgs560/540Kg

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