Fully-auto Bottom Overlap Type Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
GH-6030AD+ SF-6040E Mainly for floors, gypsum boards, etc. It is a bottom overlap & fully enclosed packaging machine designed for extra-long and heavy products, with a maximum unfolded film width of up to 1600mm; using a specially designed sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, not cracked and not easy to stick to the knife;
  • GH-6030AD+ SF-6040E is mainly used for the long and heavy products, such as the flooring, gypsum board etc. It is one-piece design folded PE film packaging machine. The maximum film width is up to 1600mm;

  • Usingspecially designed sealingknife, sealing lineis very solid with non-cracking and anti-stick;

  • Adopt importedtouch screen,various settings andoperations can bedone easilyvia the touch screen;

  • This machine has no length limits for usinglinearfeed It can connect with the production line,automatic feeding, film wrapping, sealing, shrinking and cooling in one step to achieve unmannedproduction(it also can be operated independently);

  • With the introduction of international advanced technology and production process, the equipment performance is reliable and stable;

  • Compared with the traditionalsinglefilm machine, its structure of folded film is compact with small covering area that improves the packaging speed;

  • With down-film structure, automatic punching is to drill away the air and convenient film-changing function assures the safety of the operator;

  • The usage of PLC and touch screen achieves the integrations of mechanism, electricity and pneumatic;

  • Using importedphotoelectric to detect exact position;

  • Importedconveyor belt is durable and the use of frequency inverter controls transmission speed which has the function of infinitive speed;

  • Filmformerscan be adjustedto ensure excellentsealingaccording tothe size ofthe product. Fully-closed design can assure the good sealing of shrink wrapping;

  • The machine doesn’t producewaste film which is in line with environmental requirements;

  • Highstrengththin-filmtoprevent from wearingduring transportation.

  • SF-6040E using importeddoubleair circulationmotors, so that the hot air in the oven canspreadmore evenlyto get a goodshrink effect;

  • Using solid steel rollers covered by silicone tubes which makes chain conveyor durable. We can also choose different material conveying chain according to the different products;

  • The use of French Schneider frequency inverter controls transmission speed which has the function of infinitive speed;

  • Large volume of wind cooling system makes products rapidly cooling after heat shrinking. We also can add aluminum table for your option, so that the products will not drop;

  • The machine is widely used in the lines of beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles; round bottles without tray products’ shrink packaging.

Model GH-6030ADSF-6040E
Power SupplyAC 220V 50/60Hz  1/3PHAC 380/220V50/60Hz  3PH
Maximum Packing Size LxWxHL(unlimited ), W+H≤500mm,H≤300mm1500×500×300mm
Tunnel Chamber Size LxWxH/1800×600×400mm
Blade Length670mm/
Seal/Shrink Temperature0~300℃0~300℃
Packing Speed0~15m/min.0~20m/min.
External Air Source6-8kg/cm2/
Applicable Shrink FilmPEPE
Machine Size LxWxH3030×1000×1870mm2800×950×1750mm
Crate Size LxWxH3080×1050×2020mm2850×1000×1900mm
G./N. Weight670/620kgs625/565kgs

×1900mmG./N. Weight670/620kgs625/565kgs

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