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Shanghai Kuko Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. started construction and looked forward to a new journey
Tags: Author:固好新闻组 Date:2024-02-22 11:21:08

In this season of spring and Vientiane renewal, on February 17, 2024 (the eighth day of the first lunar month), Shanghai Kuko Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in the auspicious day of the new year. Kuko Company celebrates this important moment and starts a new journey for the new year.


Since its establishment, Shanghai Kuko Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality packaging machinery and equipment and professional technical services. In the past year, the company has won the trust and support of our customers by virtue of its excellent product quality and good market reputation, and its business scale has been continuously expanding and its market competitiveness has been steadily improved.


At the groundbreaking ceremony, General Manager Feng Haiyun, the leader of the company, delivered an enthusiastic speech, reviewed the company's achievements and gains in the past year, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work. At the same time, the company issued a decision on the paid Spring Festival holiday on the same day, and also looked forward to the company's future development blueprint, and clarified the goals, tasks and development direction of the new year. We encourage everyone to continue to maintain high morale and innovative spirit, and contribute wisdom and strength to the sustainable and healthy development of the company.