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Technical engineers from Russian customers come to KUKO to receive special skills training
Tags: Author:固好新闻组 Date:2024-04-20 08:31:30

Starting from April 16th, Russian customer technical engineers received special training at KUKO, which mainly involved a series of technical guidance and professional knowledge transfer activities, aiming to improve the professional skills and operational capabilities of Russian customer technicians. The content and methods of the training are as follows:

Product knowledge training: First of all, KUKO will introduce the structure, working principle, performance parameters and application scenarios of its products in detail to the technical engineers of Russian customers. Through explanations, demonstrations and interactive Q&A, etc., to ensure that technicians have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the product.

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Operational Skills Training: On the basis of product knowledge, KUKO will further train technical engineers on how to operate and maintain products correctly and efficiently. This includes hands-on skills such as installation, commissioning, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting of equipment.

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Technical exchange and Q&A: During the training, KUKO's technical experts will conduct in-depth technical exchanges with the technical engineers of Russian customers to answer their difficult questions in the process of product use and technical application.


Case Studies & Practices: By sharing real-world cases, KUKO can help technical engineers better understand how products perform in real-world applications and how to optimize them. At the same time, it provides practical opportunities to deepen understanding and mastery in practical operations. 


After-sales service and support: In addition to guidance during the training, KUKO will also provide continuous after-sales service and technical support to ensure that the technical engineers of Russian customers can get timely help when they encounter problems. 

Through such training activities, KUKO will not only improve the professional skills of the technical engineers of the Russian customers, but also strengthen the cooperation between the two parties and promote the promotion and application of products. At the same time, it also reflects KUKO's emphasis on customers and confidence in product quality.